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When Plans Go Wrong

Quote of the day:
"Sometimes on our way to our dreams, we get lost and find a better one." - Unknown

When Plans Go WrongOh! The wonders of Junior year! Kids all across the nation from the class of 2018 are stressing over SAT scores, ACTs, NMSQTs, IB classes and harder APs. The homework piles in and GPA is now more decisive than it had ever been. The words of the adults pile in on the subconscious mind of stressed out teenagers. They play over and over in the back of their heads, like this: 
"You're not an underclassman anymore, huh?"
"Better get those SAT scores in before Senior year!"
"So... How many IB/AP classes do you plan to have?"
"Keep that GPA in check!"
"Where are you planning to go to college?"
"Graduation is so close!"
And finally, the most stressful question for a Junior that has too many interests and no idea what to do with them:
"What do you plan to major in?"
While this is something that happens …