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Colombia: A Few Things "Narcos" Will Not Show You

Quotes of the week:
"The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people" -Unknown

"The real voyage does not consist in having new landscapes but in finding new eyes"-Marcel Proust

"And then God said, 'let there be sexy people!' so he made Colombians"-Unknown, Pinterest.

Colombia: A Few Things You Probably Don't Know From Seeing NarcosDrugs, war, violence, and Pablo Escobar. These are the things that a lot of my American friends really see in the media about my country, Colombia. In fact, a lot of times these are the ONLY things they actually see in the media. With the recent release of the Netflix original, Narcos, it seems to me that drugs are the only thing people mention when you say that you are from Colombia. In fact, I've had a teacher ask me once how bad my situation was when I lived in Colombia, in front of my whole class! To a proud Colombian who lived all over the country for 11 years, this is not only insulting, but also r…

Our Secret Thirst For Violence

Quote of the week:
"Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes... hollow" -The Imitation Game
Our Attraction to Watching School Fights

Itwas a Friday like any other at Carrollton High School. The cafeteria was  bustling with life. Since it was one of the last lunch shifts of the day, you could always sense the hunger and unused energy of the students. Our hungry classmates were trying to make the most our of the 30 minutes of free time, before having to go back back to the drudgery of lectures and classwork. My lunch table was discussing the new debate topic, unaware of what was about to happen just outside the glass doors that led to the picnic table outside. Doctor Albertus, our school principal, was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria right behind the booth we were sitting in. It was his job to make sure everything was in order. All of a sudden, our whole table …

Mother Google Knows Best: How to Take Down Hackers (For Dummies About to Have a Panic Attack)

Quotes of the week:
"Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything" -Unknown

"Relax... We're all crazy... It's not a competition"-Unknown

"Of course I talk to myself ! Sometimes I need expert advice" -Unknown

Mother Google Knows Best: How to Take Down Hackers (For Dummies About to Have a Panic Attack)

DO NOT PANIC! DO NOT PANIC!, I remember telling myself Friday afternoon as I saw my computer give me an alert that I had a virus. It looked like on of those alerts that Microsoft's Windows Defender (The antivirus that comes with most computers that run on Windows OS) gives you when there is something wrong. DO NOT PANIC... Windows Defender will fix it all. I foolishly thought as I was about to make the worst mistake I could have ever made....
...I clicked on the little red button that said "FIX NOW". Suddenly, Command Prompt pops up and a bunch of commands start to pop up on the command prompt screen. My mouse started moving …