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Flat like a pancake: let's talk about curves

Quotes of the day "Out of nothing, I have created a strange new universe." - Janos Bolyai
"It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." -Henry David Thoreau

Flat like a pancake: let's talk about curves
Oooooohh do we get to talk about VS models or Kim K's (recently hidden) butt today? Or better yet, can we talk about Kylie Jenner's recent photos with Tyga? Ha! No... but we do get to talk about something even more deceptive (and probably way cheaper) than her half empty lip kits all of the YouTube makeup gurus have been ranting about. Today we are talking about.... MATH!!!

* crowd booing and throwing tomatoes*

I'm sorry... have I deceived you? Well guess what? So have all your math teachers! About what? you may ask... well... lots of things... but today, we will be taking about parallel lines.

Apparently... they aren't a thing... ╮(O_o)╭

When we were first told this in TOK, I was so confused. I mean, you're telling me th…